3rd Cloudification of the Internet of Things Conference

The third edition of Cloudification of the Internet of Things 2018 (CIoT’18) is a conference focusing on the challenges of the Internets of Things while considering the whole end-to-end architecture based on 5G and Cloud solutions. In fact, the 5G network will absorb the billions of flows generated by things while considering the requested QoS and the cohabitation of M2M, M2H and H2M flows. Then, the flows will be processed in data centers and SaaS (applications) can exploit the generated knowledge.

The main objective of CIoT’18 is to address all the challenges of IoT systems from the sensors/machines to the end-users attached to the Cloud while considering the 5G network connecting both sides: IoT and Cloud domains. The conference covers all research and novel papers tackling but not limited to:

  • 5G cellular networks (3GPP, ETSI, IEEE, etc.)
  • Slicing solutions
  • Cloud/ Fog solutions
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Architecture and protocols for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Green communication for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Centralized and distributed systems for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Management system for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Security for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Routing/MAC for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Big data for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • Testbed and experimental platforms for IoT/5G/Cloud
  • etc.

All the accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore. The three best papers will be published in Annals of Telecommunication Journal. Annals of Telecommunications is published by Springer, and indexed in ISI and Scopus Databases.

Contact information

DNAC, 4 Résidence de Galande, 92320 Châtillon, France

For more informations: aziza.lounis@dnac.org

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